Why your family photos are so important and how to keep them safe

December 20, 2017  •  1 Comment

Photographer, West Yorkshire


Family photoshoots from £50


Why not document your family growing up with an annual photoshoot and a studio photobook?


I've always been a huge advocate of having beautiful photographs in your home and on your walls. I believe that your beautiful memories should be on full view for everyone to enjoy.

I'm on a mission to encourage women and mums to get in the photo and quit with the excuses, "i need to lose half a stone" "not me just the children", I hear a large range of excuses, mainly from mums about why they can't be in the photo and I know that their children will not thanks then for it in years to come. They'll look back on their family history, documented in photo's, just as we did and they'll wonder why, it looks like mum didn't go on that holiday, why there is a gaping 10 year hole where it looks like mum wasn't participating in family life. 

I have been reading lots lately about how the changes in technology makes this even more important than I thought. Here's a short 3 minutes slideshow to try and explain why......


Join my movement #existinphotos, Put yourself in the picture and participate in family life and create a legacy. The time is Now. 


If you're not sure how, call or email and I can talk you through a family photoshoot with drawn by light photography starting at £50 and I can show you a range of beautiful products that will help secure your family legacy forever. 

email: lisa@drawnbylightphotography.co.uk to find out more. 



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